“I have done all what I wanted, in the best way possible, and I am far from done.”


The Beginning

I never thought about becoming a wellness coach. It all started when I moved to the United States and could not get a job as a journalist because my English was far from good. After obtaining a couple of Personal Training Certifications, I realized helping people become the best version of themselves was what I was meant to do. Since then, I have helped many people change their body, and even more important, change the way they see themselves.

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Not many know that before moving to the United States, Ariel was studying Journalism, and even published a fiction novel in 2012.

“One of the sexiest things a person can have is a brilliant mind. My goal is to be the best one at what I do. Only constant learning will take me there.”

In one more year, Ariel will be graduating from MSU Denver with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Dietetics. In addition to coaching people, Ariel wants to become a motivational speaker and publish another book, this time about fitness.

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Competition Level

In April of 2015, Ariel competed for the first time in a Physique competition. In June of 2018, he decided to go back on stage and this time he got the first place and won the overall. “Why do I compete? Because I love the discipline and dedication stepping on the stage requires. Also, because it is my way to show my clients and those around me that they can achieve what they want too.”


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Personal Training

  • Exercise and Sport Nutrition by Precision Nutrition

  • Weight Loss Specialist by NASM

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • Associates in Science by the Community College of Denver

  • Bachelor’s in Human Dietetics - Nutrition by Metropolitan State University of Denver (currently in progress).